This is an introduction for all our Englishspeaking visitors and friends out there!

Howdy In The Hut!
You have just stumbled in to Peppe's Rockclub, The Small Club With Big Music
Rock'n Roll & Rockabilly.

It all started back in 1996, when Peppe turned the big Three-Oh. He got some friends
together, added some good music and LOTS of beer! Everyone got their groove on and shook
their butts in the name of Rock'n Roll! And that's how it all began! Peppe's Rockclub was
born properly in 1999 and we started gathering regularly in Skenshyttans Bygdegard.

Since then we have had loads of guest bands and have had a load of fun.
Nowadays we seldom get together anymore, but sometimes whenever our hips and joints can
take it, we do organize an event. So consider yourself invited to our next one!!!

The events all take place in Skenshyttans Bygdegard.
Skenshyttan is about 20 km's south west of Borlange here in Sweden.
On road 635 towards Smedjebacken it is about 5 km's past Romme Alpin
if you can't find it, there's always Google maps ;)


If you are interested in what's going on here in the wilderness or would just like
to play or join us sometime, click on the namebuttons and contact us!